Bioanalytical Sciences
Flexible resources with the capacity to handle small discovery projects through to complex clinical studies


Bioanalytical Sciences was acquired by LGC on 24 December 2012.  Please see the following press release for further details: LGC acquires leading bioanalytical sciences business from Quotient Bioresearch

Our Bioanalytical Sciences laboratory is purpose built and equipped with the latest state-of-the-art instrumentation and technologies.  Our scientists are highly skilled and receive the very best training and development to provide you with robust data you can rely on and the service you expect.

Small molecule and peptide bioanalysis technology platforms include:

  • APCI, ESI and EI/CI systems
  • SCIEX-3000™, 4000, 5000 and 5500 LC-MS/MS
  • Thermo Quantum Ultra TSQ
  • ThermoFinnigan TSQ Quantum Ultra
  • Thermo Vantage™
  • Waters Xevo™ TQ-S
  • Varian 1200L™ GC-MS/MS
  • 96-well plate technology using MultiPROBE™ robotic systems
  • PK/TK profiling using WinNonlin and Kinetica™
  • Waters ACQUITY UPLC® systems

Biopharmaceutical analytical methods and technology platforms include:

  • ELISA, EIA, DELFIA, IRMA and RIA - Range of detection techniques - colorimetric, radiometric, fluorescence, chemiluminescence and time resolved fluorescence
  • Gyrolab®  - automated protein analysis at nanolitre scale with a flow-through immunoassay in a CD-format providing rapid, high sensitivity protein quantification with enhanced assay performance,  improved sensitivity and low matrix effects  and reduced sample volume requirements
  • BioMS™ - protein quantification in biological matrices without the need for an antibody.  This mass spectrometry based technique offers highly specific targeted protein quantification and simultaneous multiplexed analysis of target proteins
  • MSD®: Multi-array technology™ is widely viewed as the platform of choice, offering assay formats with increased tolerance to the presence of the drug and the ability to measure low affinity antibodies. This allows us to provide our clients with the ability to multiplex PK analysis with immunogenicity screening, screen for neutralising and non-neutralising antibodies in one assay, or determine levels of immunoglobulin classes from a single sample.

Central laboratory analytical methods and technology platforms include:

Immunology and clinical chemistry

  • IMMULITE® - Automated imunoanalyser assays designed for continuous random access immunoassay allowing quicker sample turn around
  • AxSYM® Plus - Automated immunoanalyser with the highest accuracy and precision, processes up to 120 tests per hour while providing continuous random access, and STAT sample processing with a broad testing menu
  • Beckman AU640 - Automated high throughput biochemistry analyser, requiring low sample volumes, and showing excellent precision.


  • ACL8000 (Coagulometer)


  • Sysmex Extra


LC - Liquid Chromatography; MS - Mass spectometry; GC-MS/MS - Gas chromatography mass spectometry; UPLC - Ultra performance liquid chromatography; ELISA -Enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay; EIA - Enzyme Immuno Assay; IRMA - Immunoradiometric assay; RIA - Radioimmunoassay; BioMS™ - Biologicals measured by mass spectrometry; MSD® - Meso Scale Discovery; STAT -abbreviation of the Latin word statim meaning "immediately" or urgent often used in medical contexts