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Clinical Services


Exploratory Clinical Pharmacology
Quotient’s strong heritage in First-In-Human (FIH) studies is reflected in our MHRA-awarded Supplementary Accreditation. Our team will work in partnership with you to deliver flexible, data-driven, studies which ensure maximum value creation from FIH to PoC. Read more

Drug Product Optimisation
Our drug product optimisation service combines our expertise in drug delivery, formulation, GMP manufacturing, and clinical studies in a single service to diagnose and optimise drug products effectively eliminating the need to engage multiple vendors. Read more.

14C Enabled Drug Development
Quotient has unrivalled expertise in applications of 14C radiolabelled drug in clinical development.  We lead the world in Phase 0 microdose, ivMicrotracer and clinical ADME studies underpinned by our Synthesis-to-Clinic™ and Translational Pharmaceutics™ platforms.

To accelerate your drug development programme with our unique Synthesis-to-Clinic™ integrated platform.  Read more.

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