Quotient Clinical
Providing tailored solutions to support your early drug development programs


Our image analysis technologies provide insights into the efficiency of different inhalation devices and the suitability of different inhaled formulations.  The data we generate provide guidance on appropriate dosing levels, identify safety concerns and highlight potential patient compliance issues.

We perform clinical studies to assess the effectiveness of inhaled drug devices and inhaled formulations.  Using our proprietary radiolabeling techniques and gamma scintigraphic image analysis, we can visualise and quantify lung deposition, delivering critical information about the human in vivo performance of inhaled drugs.

Our clinical studies are performed with healthy volunteers or patients with respiratory illnesses such as COPD or asthma, so efficacy end-points can be assessed as well as the effectiveness of pulmonary or nasal drug delivery systems.

We have facilitated the development of many new and established inhaled drugs, including insulin, salbutamol, budesonide, fusafungine, mometasone, fenoterol, flunisolide, triamcinalone, ciclesonide and tobramycin.

We provide full support in developing inhaled formulations for new and established drugs from the initial formulation concepts through to efficacy testing in patient or healthy volunteers.