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Quotient offers a unique solution to the generation of human ADME data with its Synthesis-to-ClinicTM platform, bringing together all the required components of these studies from 14C radiolabelling of the active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) to clinical study report. 

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Synthesis-to-Clinic Fact SheetSynthesis-to-Clinic Fact Sheet

The platform provides you with the benefit of working with a single partner for your entire programme.  You also work with an experienced project manager who understands the importance of delivering your project to time and budget.

The ability of our Synthesis-to-Clinic platform to deliver 14C clinical studies as a fully integrated service increases the efficiency with which your programmes can be executed.  It also dramatically simplifies the procurement process and can generate significant cost and time savings for you.

Synthesis-to-Clinic Process

Synthesis-to-Clinic combines our strengths in radiochemistry and metabolism and our expertise in clinical study conduct.

Chemistry – To date 10,000 custom syntheses of 14C labelled molecules have been completed by staff with more than 1,600 years combined experience. We are directly responsible for one third of the molecules in the industry’s development pipeline or on the market.

Metabolism – We provide a comprehensive preclinical service encompassing the full range of regulatory drug metabolism studies.  Hundreds of molecules have passed through our hands and our premium quality data have supported a number of internationally marketed products.

Clinical – We have completed more than 100 human ADME studies to date. We have investigated more than 50 compounds using microdosing and microtracer techniques, with drug given by different routes of administration.

Listen to the recordings, download the transcripts or request the slides from our expert webinars (April - June 2010).