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Environmental Fate & Agrochemical Metabolism

Senior staff at Quotient Bioresearch have over 20 years experience in studies to support agrochemical and chemical registration programmes, designed to  meet requirements of the regulatory authorities worldwide. Studies are performed in modern GLP-accredited laboratories using state-of-the-art equipment with fully validated and networked IT management systems. Metabolism studies provide information required for the assessment of potential risks to man, animal species and the environment. A wide range of environmental fate studies are available to support agrochemical registration programmes. These studies are increasingly required for other products as regulatory authorities become sensitive to public concerns regarding the environment.

Studies offered by Quotient Bioresearch include:

Environmental Fate Studies:

   • Soil metabolism studies (aerobic and anaerobic)

   • Degradation in water / sediment systems

   • Hydrolysis

   • Photodegradation in soil and water

   • Mobility studies including column leaching, adsorption/desorption and  lysimeter studies

   • Field soil dissipation.

Livestock and Plant Metabolism studies:

   • Plant metabolism and crop rotation studies in the field or in controlled environments

   • Livestock metabolism studies.

Operator Exposure:

   • Percutaneous absorption

   • Metabolite Identification/Definition of the residue.

We are able perform metabolite profiling and identification on a wide range of biological matrices using an extensive series of analytical techniques from TLC with phosphor plate detection and HPLC to the latest radio-LC-MS/MS and LTQ™ Orbitrap accurate mass systems.

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GLP - Good Laboratory Practice: TLC - Thin Layer Chromatography; HPLC - High Performance Liquid Chromatography; LC - Liquid Chromatography; MS - Mass Spectrometry.